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Our Mission

Our mission is to conserve the flora, fauna and priority ecosystems of Mexico's Northwest and to promote the development of society in harmony with nature. Pronatura Noroeste is the regional representative of Mexico's largest, oldest and most prestigious conservation organization dating back to 1981. We have been in the northwestern region since 1991. Our work and trajectory is recognized on a national and international level because of our conservation and environmental education programs and the sustainable development initiatives in Mexico concurrent with our mission.

The conservation work of Pronatura Noroeste is carried out by means of ten regional programs through which we have set conservation goals and objectives for all northwestern Mexico. This allows our offices to share experiences, technical resources and personnel, in addition to allowing for the financing and implementation of projects on a regional scale. TheTufted Jay Preserve conservation easement is one of our priority programs.

  1. Marine Conservation and Sustainable Fisheries
  2. Water and Wetland Conservation
  3. Conservation of Private and Communal Lands
  4. Education for Conservation
  5. Bird Conservation
  6. Natural Protected Areas

Pronatura Noroeste, A.C.

Mazatlan Office:

Sierra Rumorosa 132

Col. Lomas de Mazatlan Mazatlán, Sinaloa México CP 82110

Tel./Fax 011 52 (669) 669-1166

President: Enrique Hambleton

Vicepresident for Sinaloa: Ruben Coppel

Executive Director: Gustavo Danemann, Ph.D

Director of Bird Conservations Programs:

Miguel Angel Cruz, PhD.

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